Questions marked with an * are required Exit Survey
This post survey will show us how much you have learned in this two-day workshop. We will use the pre/post change as an indicator of the success of the workshop in increasing your skill, knowledge, and confidence. Remember that your responses are completely confidential so be completely honest. We ask for your name for tracking purposes only. Thank you.
* Name:
* 1. What is Arduino?
* 2. What can you do with Arduino?
* 3. How will you use Arduino with your students?
* 4. Write code in Arduino to blink an LED on pin 9 that uses variables.
5. Rate your understanding of each topic before and after on a scale of 1-10 (10= highest)
Before After
* Processing IDE
* Blink
* Variables
* Serial communication
* Analog input and output
* Circuits
* Motors
* Servos
* Solenoids
* Transistors
Before After
* Attaching Arduino to SD
* Creating a graphing/data-logging application
* Advanced sensors using I2C
* Libraries
* Data-sheets
* Sample coding from existing sources
* Creating templates for Arduino/Processing
6. Rate your confidence in each area before and after this workshop in each area on a scale of 1-10 (10=highest)
Before After
* Explaining what Arduino is and how it is used
* Programming in Arduino
* Teaching your students to program in Arduino
* Guiding students to use Arduino for the CASIS experiment
* Locating coding from existing sources
* Creating templates for Arduino/Processing
7. Going forward, what additional professional development do you need to be able to use Arduino with your students?
8. How would you rate the effectiveness of this workshop in preparing you to use Arduino on a scale of 1-10= highest? Why?
9. Comments on Arduino workshop?
10. Take a moment to reflect back on the information, professional development, and support you have received so far on this NDC Pilot. What further support do you feel you need to be successful?
11. What topics for professional development would you like to see next?
12. What format for professional development would be most beneficial to you? For example, workshops like you have been having, weekly telecoms to clarify issues, one-on-one support in the classroom, one-to-one support via phone or email, or some other format.
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